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Croatia is a land of hidden gems, magnificent beaches, coastal towns, and incredible natural landscapes. Lying between the east side of the Alps on the northwest, and the Pannonian plain as well as the shores of the Danube on the east, this bountiful land with rare natural treasures, is the ideal destination for those who want to combine tranquil vacations, surrounded by nature, with exciting excursions on picturesque places.

The indented coastline, picturesque islands, and wooded highlands are merging harmoniously to form the awe-inspiring Kvarner – a magical place that the Mediterranean Sea has infiltrated through the aeons deeply into the European continent, bringing this region close to big European cities. Boasting the longest tourist tradition in Croatia, Kvarner Bay is a cardinal area on the map of Croatia, where the Mediterranean and continental climates mix, offering diverse attractions; From beaches with exceptionally crystal clear waters, boating centers near to airports, ski slopes in the neighboring mountainous Gorski Kotar – fueling year-round rural tourism – to ecologically preserved areas on the Kvarner islands with unspoiled nature, the bay has something to offer for all its visitors. 

Additionally, one will encounter scattered all around the country, a manifold of fascinating historical and cultural landmarks. A land of contrasts is what describes Croatia best, due to its natural diversities ant its traditional villages as well as bustling cities, where the past and present merge to create a fabled scenery. Croatia has a rich cultural heritage, presenting its visitors with an array of museums, art galleries, quaint churches and chapels, many of which are enlisted in UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Follow the picturesque pebble-stoned alleys to charming little towns and harbors, or climb the verdant trails of central Croatia to discover imposing fortresses and medieval castles. Croatia is a blessed land, where the east intertwines with the west, and the smooth aura of middle Europe blends with the vivacious Mediterranean temperament.
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