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Croatia’s extensive ferry network is perfect for an island-hopping holiday, and if you are up for exciting excursions, you will surely find an array of itineraries to choose from, all carefully designed to meet all expectations, taking you to breathtaking destinations. Start your trip visiting some of the stunning places of the Riviera, like Novi Vinodolski, the beautiful town where Wyndham Grand Novi Vinodolski Resort lies, Senj, Dramalj, Jadranovo, and Selce. 
Hop up a boat and explore the beauties of the northern Adriatic coast or choose one of the full-day excursions to areas close by. Here are some of the most popular excursions:

KRK TOUR – distance 30 km, approximately a 20 minutes’ drive. 
Discover the fascinating history and spell-binding beauty of the largest island on the Adriatic sea, “The golden island of Krk”, a magical place glorifying nature and culture for over two thousand years!

EYES OF VINODOL – distance 10-20 km, approximately a 10 minutes’ drive.
The entire Vinodol area offers beautiful scenery to behold, composed of rich history, various cultural and historical monuments, natural landscapes and a long tradition. It is one thing to experience Vinodol by passing through it, and quite another to see it from the “bird’s-eye view”. In that respect, six belvederes in the District of Vinodol and the Town of Novi Vinodolski have been built, to offer magnificent, panoramic views. Besides, Novi Vinodolski Tourist Board and District of Vinodol Tourist Board, supplemented the local touristic attractions, giving a boost to active tourism of full-day trips and tours.

NEHAJ CASTLE in Senj – distance 25 km, approximately a 20 minutes’ drive.
A majestic symbol of the old city of Senj, the castle was built in 1558 under the supervision of Captain John Lenković, with its masons using materials from destroyed churches, monasteries and houses outside the city. The fortress was used as a base for the Uskoks, and, of course, it was the stronghold from which the fighters opposed the Ottoman Empire’s attacks Today, the fortress serves primarily as a museum, displaying numerous exhibits of weapons, clothing, drawings, and models of miscellaneous utensils from the time when the citadel was inhabited.

PLITVICE LAKES – distance 120 km, approximately a 2 hours’ drive.
Croatia's most visited inland attraction, Plitvice Lakes, is a National Park that presents its visitors with steep forested hillsides, encompassing sprawling, emerald lakes, connected by an impressive succession of cascading waterfalls. A mapped network of natural trails and wooden bridges, weave the park from side to side, meandering their way through the pristine pools, unfolding the park’s beautiful natural treasures to the beholders. Thanks to the unspoiled, bountiful nature, with more than a hundred plant species identified on the land, the park is a haven for wild animals, including wolves and bears, as well as owls, eagles, and falcons, though it is unlikely to encounter them as they are timid creatures. Discover the unique oasis of natural beauty that is Plitvice taking a tour by small train and boat, listening to the sounds of nature, enjoying the colorful scenery of crystal blue lakes, white waterfalls and cascades, and the green world of flora as well as take in the fresh mountain air.

BRIJUNI ISLANDS – distance 150 km, approximately a 2 hours’ drive.
An ideal excursion for those who love the exotic beauty of unspoiled nature! At Big Brijun, one of 16 islands in this unique natural park, you will be surrounded by the fragrant, hundred-year-old pines, the crystal clear blue sea, the azure sky, impressive rock formations, and verdant forests. Marvel at the pristine nature, the endless woods of oak, pine, cypress, sequoia, eucalyptus and exotic plants from all around the world, watching animals walking around. On this trip through time, you will learn about significant archaeological findings, the remnants of different cultures, Illyrian ruins. and a Byzantine castle.

RISNJAK in Gorski Kotar – distance 65 km, approximately an hour’s drive.
Where the Alps meet the Dinaric Range and where the Mediterranean gradually gives way to the Pannonian Plain, you will encounter a mountain massif that was named after the lynx, in Croatian “ris”, covering an area of 64 km. The mountain presents a combination of almost all the forest types of the region and is the home of many plant and animal species. Naturalists swarm to Risnjak for the magnificent mountains, forests, and waters. Risnjak is also famous for its fantastic views of the islands in the Kvarner Bay, the mountains in neighboring Slovenia, and the Alps.

PULA – distance 150 km, approximately a 2 hours’ drive.
The city of Pula, situated in the southernmost part of the Istrian peninsula, boasts a history of over three thousand years. The Istrian port has always attracted seamen from all around the Mediterranean. Many impressive cultural monuments from the Roman times adorn this city, like the Amphitheatre, the Arch of the Sergius, the Forum and the Temple of Augustus.

POSTOJNA CAVE in Slovenia – distance 105 km, approximately a 2 hours’ drive. 
Shaped by the Pivka River for over millions of years, the cave is a unique natural phenomenon. This underground wonder is 20 km long and has a constant temperature of 9°C. The only resident living here is the “man-like fish”, the Proteus Anguinus. Passing through its halls, like the Calvary, the Dancing, the Gothic, the Crystal, and the Concert halls, and its spectacular caves, such as the Black, the Mountain, and the Beautiful caves, you will marvel at these fantastic creations of nature, and observe the largest stalagmite, called Brilliant.

VENICE Italy – approximately a 4 hours’ drive.
This magical floating city needs no introduction! One of the greatest cities in the world, it was built upon 118 islands. Venice is a city-museum, with indelible history, many amazing canals and bridges, like the Rialto Bridge and The Bridge of Sighs, the picturesque St. Mark's Square and the stunning basilica from the 8th century. As you walk along the streets that were once crowded by artists, you will be able to admire the beautiful masterpieces of Venetian architects.
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