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Croatia is a colorful country with more than a thousand islands and a deeply indented coastline, so it is no wonder that this beautiful country offers countless stunning beaches along the Adriatic Sea, rendering this blessed land one of the most popular summer destinations in the world. A lash green backdrop surrounds many of the country's beaches, which display a diversity of coasts, from impressive outcrops of rocks, gravel and white pebbles to soft, golden strands of sand, all lapped by the crystal clear, shimmering waters of the Adriatic.

Kvarner Bay presents a fine example of amazing beaches in Croatia. All visitors will certainly find the perfect “sea & sun” experience that suits their style and preference, from organized or natural, large or small to rocky, pebbly or sandy beaches, to secluded or cosmopolitan ones. Kvarner beaches are well known to nature lovers as well, who swarm the islands of Cres, Krk, Lošinj and Rab to admire their scenery. Some beaches one should definitely visit in the area are Lubenice, Stara Baska, Lukovo, Lopar, Vela Luka, Krivika, Meli, Sahara, Jelenovica, Cuanguski, and Punat beaches, as well as the beaches at Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski. 

You will also find beautiful beaches all over Croatia – Amarin, Ambrela, Bačvice, Bellevue, Blaće and Crni Molo are some excellent beach choices for families. Couples will enjoy endless romantic moments at Buža, Čifnata, Danče, Klokun, Mala Stiniva, and Maračol beaches. Those who seek a more cosmopolitan beachfront, they will have the time of their lives at Buba, Hangar, Ikovac, Katarelac, Katoro, and Vela. As to our little four-legged friends, they too will enjoy happy moments by the sea with their humans, at Artatore, Brajdica, Kantrida, Kašjuni, Kuvi and Slatina beaches. 
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